Midnight Butterfly

Midnight Butterfly is an all-girl rock band from the Greater Austin area. The girls came together in 2014 through their mutual love of music and sharing it with others. From performing rock classics, to writing and performing original songs, Midnight Butterfly inspires others, especially young girls, to pick up an instrument and rock out.

The band has performed around Austin  including Austin Trail of Lights, Georgetown Red Poppy Festival, Pecan Street Festival, HAAM benefit concert, Roller Derby and numerous other gigs, as well as parties and private events.

Some notable achievements include: The Austin Chronicle SXSW Music Awards, Best Performing Group Under 18 (Second Place), KUTX Best Bands under 18 (Top 10), Round Rock Chalk Walk (Best Performance).

The band released their debut self-titled EP in September 2018!


Bass / Dori
Keyboard / Hannah
Drums / Kaiya
Lead Vocals /Lauren
Guitar / Scarlett



Age: 14

Favorite Artists:  The Beatles, The Rolling Stones

Favorite bassistPaul McCartney

Age started playing guitar/bass: 8

Favorite thing about being in MB: Playing shows and making people happy!



Age: 12

Favorite Artists: PVRIS, Green Day, Queen, Van Halen, Journey 

Favorite pianist:  Freddie Mercury

Age started playing piano/keyboard:   7

Favorite thing about being in MB: Playing music and hanging out with my friends!

What does music mean to me: Music is like magic. I love how it can change everyone's mood when they hear us play.  I love seeing people dancing, singing, and really feeling our music.  When I play music, I forget everything else in the world, and I feel free.



Age: 12

Favorite Artists: Tool, Green Day, Sunny Day Real Estate, Nirvana, Against Me!

Favorite Drummers: Atom Willard, Stuart Copeland, Steve Gadd, Chad Smith, Danny Carey

Age started playing drums: 6

Favorite thing about being in MB: Playing music with my friends and performing live

What does music mean to me:  Music is my life. I know for a fact that without music, I'm lost. It's amazing and life changing. I'm very grateful to have it in my life. 

Rule to live by: Be the best of you-and own it! 



Age: 13

Favorite Artists:  Greta Van Fleet, Green Day

Favorite singer: Josh Kiszka

Age started singing:  3

Favorite thing about being in MB:  Seeing people’s reactions when they see seemingly cute little girls rock out to songs they listened to when they were younger!

What does music mean to me: Happiness :)

Rule to live by: It doesn't matter how many times I've fallen. It matters how many times I've picked myself right back up again.



Age: 14

Favorite Artists: Green Day, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, KISS

Favorite guitarist: Ace Frehely

Age started playing guitar: 8

Favorite thing about being in MB: Seeing the smiles on people's faces when we perform.

What does music mean to me: Everything, it is pretty much my life.

Rule to live by: Treat everyone equal!